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    1. LNG氣化站


                 針對中小型LNG項目公司采用撬裝一體化設計,制造、安裝、施工、便捷高效 。
                 Tehui company Integrated manufacturing equipment has improved strength (gasifier / unloading pry booster / booster tanks pry, pry the regulator metering smelly, PLC control system, the station installation / commissioning are Tehui company Complete on their own), the better the quality of the project;
                 With well-known design institutes powerful combination of gas, gasification station independently completed EPC projects to ensure the construction of the route leading process design and quality engineering.
                 Persistent storage tanks, valves, pipes preferably well-known brands to ensure that the station stable and safe operation.
                 LNG projects for small and medium companies adopt integrated skid mounted design, manufacture, installation, construction, convenient and efficient.



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