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概括:这道题是石坝液同学的课后英语练习题,主要是关于peace是什么意思,指导老师为农老师。MBS 2010年1月15日,TBS 2010年1月20日开播的2010冬季电视剧 原作: 黑乃奈々絵 『新撰组异闻 PEACE MAKER』(マッグガーデン刊 ブレイドコミックス)



peace是黑人俚语,一般都用在句末,原来是“goodbye"的意思,也可以说Peace out.比如说“i am leaving guys,peace out"但是现在含义有延伸,可以表明一段话结束,也可以代指”take care"”see you later"的意思,总之是嘻哈味儿十足的结束语,一般短信或者网聊会缩写为PCE,要更摆谱的话也常跟One love 连用,比如“哥们儿准备闪了”可以说“ i am gonna bounce/roll,peace out,one love" 希望我解释清楚了=)


例1: 关于peace的英语演讲稿不需要太长只要两分钟读完大一的水平就行好吧...不需要大一的水平...高中水平就行..要容易背的...[英语练习题]


  War or peace

  First of all, I’d like to make it clear that I am here speaking not as a Chinese, not as an Asian, not as a representative of any organization, but as a human being, a member of the species: Mankind, whose continued existence is in doubt. The danger of war is hidden behind what we call “peace”. The world is full of conflicts: Jews and Arabs; Indians and Pakistanis; the white and the black in Africa…

  I wonder if you have ever seen any pictures of children in the Middle East. I once saw a photo showing some Palestinian children playing with guns and bombs, and earlier this month, it was reported that three Palestinian teenagers were shot dead when trying to act as “body-bombs”. I bet you were just as shocked as I was. This is not a game between adults any more, it is planting seeds of hatred into the hearts of the next generation. Our hope for the future is losing in the flames of gunfire.

  Why do people fight? An English writer once described: this happened not by the will of God, not by the will of Mankind, but because some few men were afraid to be open and generous to each other. There was a spring that they knew they should not touch, and, like mischievous and nervous children, they had touched it at last, and now the world is to suffer for their mischief.

  Some people might think I’m exaggerating the situation: it’s only conflict, it’s not war. But I have to remind you, throughout the history, big wars always start from small and continuous conflicts: World War 1 started from the conflict between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Bosnia; World War 2 began with the clash between Germany and Czech Slovak. A war in the 20th century, as we all know, could push our civilization backward for several decades. But if a war were to happen today, just imagine these nuclear weapons, our world would not only recede, it would vanish.

  Here, then, is the problem I present to you today: shall we put an end to the human race, or shall Mankind renounce war? Many people will not face this alternative because it’s so difficult to abolish war. They scarcely realize that the danger is to themselves and to their children and to their grandchildren, AND to the universal humanity. So even today, people hold the belief that as long as nuclear weapons are prohibited, conflicts may be allowed to continue. I’m afraid this hope is illusory. Whatever agreements reached without hydrogen bombs in times of peace would be nothing in times of real war. This is not the way we’re going to make peace.

  War or peace, this is the question.

  So far, Mankind has existed on this planet for a million years. For countless ages, the sun rose and set, the moon waxed and waned, the star shone in the night, but it was only with the coming of Man that these things were understood. We’ve established a great civilization. But is this all to end in trivial horror because so few men are able to think of Mankind rather than of themselves? Is our race so blind to the simplest dictates of self-preservation, that the last proof of our intelligence is to be the extermination of all life on our planet?

  No, I do not believe this is to be the end, for we’re not separate and indifferent like the beasts. We’re Mankind. We would forget our quarrels for a moment. And if we’ll allow ourselves to survive, there is every reason to expect the victory of the future. There lies before us, if we choose, continual progress in happiness, knowledge, and wisdom.

  Now, I appeal, as a human being to human beings: remember your humanity, forget the rest. The way lies open to a new paradise. War or peace, we’ll make the right choice.

  你可以自行添加或删除内容 自己好背就可以了~呵呵~

例2: 【小学英语关于peace的演讲】[英语练习题]


Animals live in peace


We all live with kinds of animals,but because the population grows bigger and bigger.We build more and more buildings.There are less lands for animals and It makes them in dager.All the lives in the world need help and love.So let's make the animals live in peace.We must try our best.

Thank you very much!




点拨:peace 名词,和平,安宁 对我的以上回答有疑问可以继续追问, 若满意我的回答也请及时采纳


点拨:可以,朋友之间拜拜绝对没问题,是peace out的省略。 楼主的担心,可以这样解释:不管中文外文,同样一句话在不同的语境下\语气下 意思就有可能不一样,所以语气是关键。 举个例子,两个人嘻嘻哈哈的时候一个人对另一个人说“你滚”和两个人怒目圆瞪...




点拨:朋友给我说来peace一个 是什么意思: 是kiss一个吧,亲一个, 望采纳!


点拨:在HIPHOP俚语里, PEACE一般是在道别的时候说, 意思是“拜了,安了”, 也可以说“PEACE OUT”


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